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I love you so much, I can't live wihthout you!

Still, I remember you
how you were, and how you called
I loved a lot of you
you're not someone I would forget

But did you hurt me with your comments
you hurt me, I felt to
Did many of you crying words
Was gone you love cords

Each school day I see you walk
I'll try to forget, to escape
You let me down. let me down
for another, you would address

The first month after I felt bad
my lost love, is my destiny?
I was broken by pain
did not know how it felt to be dumped

After a short time you looked at me again
I had a choice in my head
What would I do, agree or unhook
what is the difficult love affairs

Weather was everywhere comment
my clothes, smoking, what a fool
he had little sense of love
that is than

But by all outward
believe me, I think
I will never forget this guy
and I still want to date him!

Yet this boy a golden heart
While he has hurt me / getart
He understands just not so good
what such words a girl holding

I found him handsome, super, and love
he was my heart thief
And while no one knows
I therefore sometimes still suffering!

x Anne S. (12 jaar)

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